YELLOW 10A 250V P-Lock C13 C14 Power Cords. P-Lock power cords are designed to mate with Server Technology PDUs to securely lock the plug to the PDU. This reduces the chance of accidental power loss to equipment due to loose connections. Cordage is SVT, a thinner cordage than standard duty power cables ideal for high-density data centers. Other colors available include RED, BLUE, BLACK, and GREEN. 15A Cables also available with a heavier duty, robust SJT jacket. Typical applications: Data Centers, Medical Devices, Automation Industry, Industrial Equipment, Architectural Devices, Broadcasting Stations, and Critical Power Management.

Why use a P-Lock power cord?

P-Lock power cords allow your plug (male) to firmly lock into place on matching Server Technology, Raritan and Vertiv-Emerson PDUs. This eliminates the need to worry about a plug disconnecting from it's PDU due to vibration from equipment or accidental disconnection.

● Revolutionary positive securing system prevents unintentional power disconnection.

● Patented C14 positive mechanism locks with P-Lock outlets and is backward compatible with any standard C13 outlets.

● Fit for high density multi-outlets design

● Rated up to 15 amps● Various colors / lengths available

Standard: IEC 60320

High Potential Test Voltage: 2000VAC (1min 50Hz)

Rating: UL/cUL : 10A/13A/15A 250VAC, VDE : 10A 250VAC

Operation Temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C

Flammability Corresponding to: Plug : UL 94V-2 or better; Cable: UL VW-1, IEC60332-1. Cat F2

Cable Option: North America : 18AWG 3G SVT / 16AWG 3G SJT / 14AWG 3G SJT, Europe : H05VV-F 3G 0.75mm2 / 1.0 mm2



General Information:

The IEC 60320 C13 is a grounded 3 Wire connector rated up to 250V and 15 Amps. The C13 mates with a C14 inlet, and is commonly used in a jumper cable scenario in IT Installations providing power from a PDU to a server, router, switch or other computing device. Most people know the C13 as 'the thing that plugs into my computer' because it is the standard connector used to power most desktop computers. In a desktop computer application, the most common cable is the NEMA 5-15P to C13, which connects your standard North American wall outlet to a desktop computer. The iec 320 c13 c14 plug and connector are synonymous with Information Technology equipment primarily, but the C13 can be found powering equipment like medical devices and gaming consoles.

What does the IEC 60320 C13 Connect to?

IEC 60320 C14 Plug'

IEC 60320 C14 Inlet
The IEC 320 type C13 connector is designed to connect to the IEC 320 C14 plug and inlet. The C14 Plug is commonly found on power cords located in office, commercial or data center settings since the C13 inlet is usually only found in those environments. The C14 Inlet is commonly found on a variety of IT Equipment like monitors, switches, printers, power adapters, and more.

IEC 60320 C14 P-Lock

IEC 60320 C14 P-Lock
  • The IEC 60320 C14 is a grounded 3 Wire Plug rated up to 250V and 15 Amps. The C14 mates with a C13 outlet, typically found on Data Center/IT specific PDUs (Power Distribution Unit). The IEC 60320 C14 is typically used with either 18awg SVT, 18awg SJT(OW), 16awg SJT(OW) or 14awg SJT(OW). The types of cordages used will change the rating of the overall cord set.  The P-Lock feature securely locks the plug into place when used with a standard C13 inlet.The Locking Plug helps ensure a secure connection between the cable and the pdu, reducing accidental power loss to equipment due to loose connections.

White Label Shipping

White Label Shipping

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Manufactured Under ISO: 9001

Manufactured Under ISO: 9001

Our power cord sets are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality management system to ensure that you get the same outstanding quality with on every order you place.
All of our NorthAmerican use Power Cord Sets are UL listed under E503529. This means that you can be sure that all of our power cord sets are of the highest quality and are certified for use in the United States.

UL Listed : E503526

UL Listed : E503526

World Cord Sets strives to deliver the best quality products for the lowest cost, to show our commitment to quality and our understanding of customers expectation for consistence of quality we obtained the UL certification. All of our North American use Power Cord Sets are UL listed under E503529. This means that you can be sure that all of our power cord sets are of the highest quality and are certified for use in the United States. 

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Why do we offer a lifetime warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty because we know that it won't have to be used. Our products are manufactured using only the highest quality components, and, undergo rigorous quality assurance inspections and testing to ensure all of our products meet our exacting standards. Our lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind that your purchase is 100% guaranteed to work. 

What does the warranty cover?

All cords, cables, patch panels, and adapters sold on this website in original unmodified condition are covered under this warranty. Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse. 

How does the warranty work?

To use the lifetime warranty, simply request an RMA and send your defective material back to us and we will either repair or replace the goods and return them back to you in working condition. 

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