IEC 60320 C14 C13 Power Cords

IEC 60320 C13 to C14 power cords are stocked in lengths from 1 through 50 feet. Our large selection of right length cords allows you to choose the cord that meets your requirements. Our standard jacket color is black. Other colors available are white, gray, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Custom colors are available upon request. We also offer a wide range of locking power cords. Locking cords allow you to securely connect your power cord to your server and/or PDU, ensuring they don't become accidentally disconnected. We carry P-Lock, A-Lock, V-Lock, and W-Lock C14 C13 power cords.

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General Information About C14 C13 Power Cord Sets

IEC 60320 Power Cord Sets feature a C14 male plug on one end, and a C13 female connector on the other end. These are commonly found in Data Centers, Networking Closets, and any other type of IT installation, or, in the home or office as an extension cord. 

In the data center, C14 to C13 power cord sets are used to "jump" power from a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to a piece of IT equipment such as a Server, Router, Switch, or Firewall. Because these are used in the data center, they can be found from stock in many different colors and lengths. Different colors are used to color code an installation, and each data center typically has its own method of color coding its power path and racks. However, a common method is using Red and Blue power cords to color code each circuit. Read our article on "Color Coding IT installations" for more information this topic. Different lengths are required to ensure that the cord sets do not take up excess space in the rack, which could lead to the rack overheating. Right length power cords are used to increase airflow, and decrease the chance of a cord being snagged on something and coming disconnected from the PDU or Equipment. 


  • The IEC 60320 C14 is a grounded 3 Wire Plug rated up to 250V and 15 Amps. The C14 mates with a C13 outlet, typically found on Data Center/IT specific PDUs (Power Distribution Unit). The IEC 60320 C14 is typically used with either 18awg SVT, 18awg SJT(OW), 16awg SJT(OW) or 14awg SJT(OW). The types of cordages used will change the rating of the overall cord set. Taking the female end of the cordset out of the picture, the max ratings with each cordage are as follows.


  • The IEC 60320 C13 is a grounded 3 Wire connector rated up to 250V and 15 Amps. The C13 mates with a C14 inlet, and is commonly used in a jumper cable scenario in IT Installations providing power from a PDU to a server, router, switch or other computing device. Most people know the C13 as 'the thing that plugs into my computer' because it is the standard connector used to power most desktop computers. In a desktop computer application, the most common cable is the NEMA 5-15P to C13, which connects your standard North American wall outlet to a desktop computer.

Choosing The Correct C14 to C13 Jumper Cord Set

Choosing the correct C14 to C13 power cord set can seem like a daunting task at first glance, between the different amperages, jackets, colors, lengths, and locking styles, there are a multitude of options to choose from. However, continuing to read below will help you make an informed decision on which cable is right for your needs.

Step 1: Choosing an Amperage

Choosing a cord set with the correct ampere rating is critical to success. Because devices utilizing C14 inlets operate at a wide range of amperages, C14 to C13 cord sets are available in 10A, 13A, and 15A options. 

  1. 10 Amp : 10 Ampere rated C14 C13 cord sets utilize 18awg (or 1.00mm2) conductors, and, are the thinnest conductors available. If your equipment operates at less than 10A, and space is a concern, the 10A cable is right for you.
  2. 13 Amp : 13 Ampere rated C14 C13 cord sets utilize 16awg conductors, and are a medium duty option. If you equipment operates at around 10A and you are looking for a medium duty cord set, the 13A cable is right for you. : 
  3. 15 Amp : 15 Ampere rated C14 C13 cord sets utilize 14awg conductors, and are a heavy duty option. If you are unsure of how many amperes you equipment requires, or you are simply looking for a heavy duty cable, this is the cable for you.

Step 2: Locking vs Non-Locking

Now that we know what ampere rating is required, we can decide if a locking cord set is best for your application. We will break this section up into three segments : Data Centers, OEMs, and Office/Home USe.

Data Centers 

First, you'll need to know a little bit about your existing data center infrastructure, mainly what brand and model of PDU you will be connecting these cord sets to.

  1. AP8000 Series PDU by APC (Schneider Electric) : If you are using an APC 8000 series PDU,  you will want to look into the V-Lock locking cords which will lock on the mating C13 outlet on the PDU.
  2. ServerTechnology, Raritan, Vertiv : If you have a ServerTechnology, Raritan, or Vertiv PDU, then the P-Lock (also known as SecureLock) locking power cords are the right choice for you. These will securely lock into place on the PDU ensuring no accidental disconnects.

OEMs (Equipment Manufacturers) 

If you are looking for locking cord sets for devices you are manufacturing, our A-Lock (also known as Auto-Lock) cord sets may be the right choice for you. These provide a secure locking mechanism on the female (C13) end of the cable. The A-Lock C13 locks into place by grabbing the grab pin on the mating inlet. The A-Lock unlocks by squeezing the tabs on the size and pulling.

Step 3: Choosing a Jacket

Jacket types can be confusing for first time cord set buyers, and as such, we have a full guide to jacket types in our reference section. However, below we will review the jacket types most applicable to C14-C13 cord sets. 

  1. SVT (Service Vacuum Thermoplastic) - The SVT jacket is the thinnest jacket available, and, is only available with 18awg conductors. SVT jackets have a thickness of ~ .015in (.38mm) and when used with 3 conductor 18awg wire, has a nominal OD of ~ .245in (6.2mm). SVT jackets are commonly found in high density data centers where the every cubic inch of space is valuable. The SVT is is made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), which is a robust synthetic plastic polymer providing high durability. SVT jackets are not oil or water resistant.
  2. SJT (Service Junior Thermoplastic) - The SJT jacket is a thicker jacket than SVT, and is the standard jacket type for C14-C13 cord sets. The SJT jacket is available with 18awg (10A), 16awg (13A), or 14awg (15A) conductors. Please refer to each specific category for more information.
  3. LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) - The LSZH jacket is made for use where smoke could cause damage to humans or equipment. Normal PVC jackets (such as SVT and SJT) contain Halogens, which when burned, product heavy toxic smoke that can be fatal to humans and damaging to equipment. LSZH jackets contain "zero" halogen (in reality it is a defined maximum amount of halogens to be classified as "zero" halogen"), and produce significantly less smoke when burned. These are commonly used in government buildings and wherever these cord sets will be used in public areas. LSZH jackets have significantly less flexibility than SJT jackets.

Applications of C14 to C13 Power Cords

See below for the application of using a C14-C13 Power Cord from World Cord Sets to connect a C13 outlet on a PDU to a C14 inlet on an HPE Proliant Server.

(1) Rack Mount PDU 
Rack Mounted PDUs are the standard way to distribute power to many devices in a rack. WoCo C14 C13 power cables mate perfectly will all brands of PDU including APC, Raritan, Server Technology and more.
(2) C14 Plug (Male)
The C14 plug on this power cable will mate with any C13 Outlet. The standard C14 does not feature a locking mechanism.
(3) C13 Connector (Female)
The C13 connector will mate with a matching C14 inlet, typically found on servers, routers, switches, and your standard desktop computer.
(4) Server, Router, Switch, Computer, Equipment
Many small appliances use a C14 inlet to provide power to the PSU (Power Supply Unit). Our C13 connectors will mate with any C14 inlet on your small appliance.

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Manufactured Under ISO: 9001

Our power cord sets are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality management system to ensure that you get the same outstanding quality with on every order you place. 

UL Listed : E503526

All of our North American use Power Cord Sets are UL listed under E503529. This means that you can be sure that all of our power cord sets are of the highest quality and are certified for use in the United States. 

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