IEC 60320 C20 C19 Power Cords

IEC 60320 C20 to C19 Power Cords are available in 14g, 12g and UNIVERSAL (14g + 1.5mm2) configurations, most available from stock.Typically used in High Density Data Centers that utilize Blade Chassis Services. Rated at either 20A (Standard North America) or 16A (Hybrid North America & Europe), these are designed for high current applications.

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Learn more about IEC 60320 C20 C19 Power Cords

Plug and Connector Overview

  • IEC 60320 C19 Connector (Female)

    The IEC 60320 C19 is a grounded 3 Wire connector rated up to 250V and 20 Amps. The C19 mates with a C20 inlet, and is commonly used in a jumper cable scenario in IT Installations providing power from a PDU to a server, router, switch or other computing device. The C19 is typically used in high powered blade server chassis, large network routers, and other IT equipment that draws more power than a standard C13 can accommodate.

  • IEC 60320 C20 Connector (Male)

    The IEC 60320 C20 is a grounded 3 Wire Plug rated up to 250V and 20 Amps. The C20 mates with a C19 outlet, typically found on Data Center/IT specific PDUs (Power Distribution Unit). The most common configuration for a C20 is in a jumper cable scenario, providing power from a PDU to a blade server chassis, high powered server, large network router, or similar device.

What are the primary uses for C20 to C19 Power Cord Sets?

C19 to C20 power cord sets are typically used in high powered Information Technology (IT) equipment commonly found in enterprises and data centers. Common types of equipment that utilize C20 inlets are Blade Chassis, Routers/Switches, and high powered servers. 

C19 to C20 power cables are used with these devices by connecting a C19 outlet on a power distribution unit (PDU) to a C20 inlet on the equipment. Most data center PDU's will featuer many C13 outlets, and a few C19 outlets. 

Which locking C20 to C19 cable do I need?

The most common question in data center power distribution is in locking power cables and PDUs. In a world that requires maximum uptime in its data centers, network engineers and systems administrators have been moving to locking power equipment to protect against accidental disconnects, however, as manufacturers race to gain market share in locking equipment, it can be difficult to navigate which locking types are correct for you installation.

  • A-Lock locking IEC 60320 C19 Connector (Female)

    World Cord Sets, Inc A-Lock locking C19 connector locks on the equipment end of the cable, ensuring that the cable does not become disconnected from the server, router, network, switch other devices in your cabinet or rack. The A-Lock connector locks into place by squeezing the ground pin on the inlet. The A-Lock locking data center connector is a universal locking device, meaning it does not require a proprietary mating inlet and will work with any C20 inlet.

  • IEC 60320 P-Lock C20 Connector (Male)

    The P-Lock locking plug is used to securely lock the plug into place on the power distribution unit (PDU). The P-Lock plug will only lock into place on mating P-Lock outlets found on many Server Technology, Raritan, and Geist PDUs. The P-Lock plug locks into place by using tabs on the exterior of the plug and snapping into place on the outlet.