Locking Data Center Power Cables

Locking Data Center Power Cables are used in data centers to prevent against accidental disconnects. There are different varieties of locking power cables, including A-Lock, V-Lock, and P-Lock. Please read below for more information. 

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Learn more about Locking Data Center Power Cables

A-Lock Power Cables

A-Lock power cables feature a locking mechanism on the equipment (female) end of the cable. The lock mechanism is universal and will mate with any standard IEC 60320 receptacle (C14 inlet for C13 cable, C16 inlet for C15 cables, and C20 inlet for C19 cables). A-Locks cables are simple to release by squeezing the tabs on the outside of the connector. 

P-Lock Power Cables

P-Lock power cables feature a locking mechanism on the male (PDU) side of the cable. P-Lock power cables are quickly becoming the standard cable used in the data center as the popularity of Raritan, Server Technology, and Geist PDUs (Power Distribution Units) increases. P-Lock power cables only securely lock into place on PDUs that have P-Lock receptacles, found on some Raritan, some Geist, and all Server Technology PDUs. Click the P-Lock category for more information. 

V-Lock Power Cables

V-Lock power cables are used with APC PDUs and Equipment. They feature a locking mechanism on both the male and female ends of the cable, however, they must be used with APC equipment in order to lock. V-Lock power cables come in a variety of configurations including C13, C14, C19, and C20.