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Data Center Cable Management and Accessories

Retrofitting your current Data Center with Cable Management

Cable management is no longer viewed as an optional component of a data center. As the complexity of equipment and the hardware required to operate them increases, the necessity of organizing all of the system has as well. Cable management systems cover a wide range of functions and price points for all application types.

Increasing your Power Connection Retention with Secure Sleeves

There are many state-of-the-art locking solutions available for Data Center Power. It is a critical component of the stability of your data center, however for some with limited budgets it can be unrealistic to upgrade to the best hardware. For these circumstances, we recommend the simple solution of retention sleeves. These thin plastic sheaths will help reduce the amount of play in the mated power connection point of an IEC 60320 plug or connector. Due to tolerances in manufacturing, sometimes a plug will not securely mate with an outlet or vice versa. When this happens, you can use these sleeves to fill in the gap and create a more secure power connection point.

Secure-Fit Sleeves IEC60320 C13 C14 C15 C19 C20 C21 Locking Sleeves

Secure Retention Sleeves are a low-cost solution to dealing with a loose power connection. If your budget is running slim, but you need a solution for a loose connection on your equipment or pdu this is the product line for you. We stock all of the IEC 60320 configurations for secure sleeves in both black and yellow to fit your circumstances.

Common uses for Secure Sleeves

Help prevent an accidental power disconnection from vibration or maintenance.
Tighten a power connection point to an IEC320 PDU.
Shore up a loose power connection to equipment

Available Colors