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TAA Compliance : What does TAA mean and how does it affect you?

TAA stands for Trade Agreements Act, and is an act of congress passed in 1979 that requires all items sourced for GSA Schedule Contracts to be manufactured or "substantially transformed" in the United States or a TAA designated country.

Data Centers: Choosing the right jacket type for your installation. SJT vs SVT

Cabling in the data center has become incredibly complex as the need for higher density installations has grown.

Fiber Optic Connectors Guide: How to identify and choose the right connector

As technology progresses, the need for faster speeds and more compute capacity is expanding at an exponential rate. As the demand increases, the technology to support that demand is also improving and changing rapidly. Fiber Optics has been a fast-changing industry, and, with all of the change, it can be difficult to stay up on the trends. In this article, we'll explore the different connectors and which ones to use when.

USB Connector Guide: Your Guide to Which USB Cable You Need

It seems like nowadays there is a new type of cable out there every day, with all of the different varities our there, how do you know which one to choose? In this article we'll go over the differences in each cable to help you find the right one for you.

How to reduce cost, standardize installations, and start creating value faster in your Data Center Installations

There are hundreds of companies out there that offer data center installation services, however, most of these companies come with a hefty price tag. However, using simple techniques and reducing steps in your supply chain, you can lower the cost of each installation, decrease installation time, and start creating value faster. Read on below to see how World Cord Sets, Inc can help you.

What is a GFCI and how can it save your life?

Learn about what a GFCI is and why it can help save you, or someone else's life.

How cabling your data center correctly can decrease cost, increase airflow, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a highly available data center..

Cabling in data centers is a critical part of your overall infrastructure, without cables to connect each piece of equipment, your data center wouldn't be able to perform at all. However, hav