Quality Commitment

What does it mean to be commited to quality?

Being committed to quality means building a business from the ground up centered around providing the highest quality products to our customers, at the most competitive prices available. It means sacraficing higher profits margins in favor of better quality. It means going the extra mile for our customers, because quality isn't just found in products.

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All of our products are testing and certified for use in their respective countires of application.

All of our North American Cords have CSA and c/UL approvals.

Our European Power cords have Cenelec approvals, which is an umbrella approval for such names as VDE, OVE, DEMKO and dozens more.

Our UK BS163 all have the associated BSI approval for every cord set.

Visual Inspection

Our warehouse shipping team has stringent practices in place to ensure that the products you receive are the correct variation, and have no visible discrepancies. Visual Inspections are conducted upon receiving and upon shipping out. This is done to ensure that no products were damaged during transport, storage or retrieval from storage.

Visual Inspection
ROJ/Strip Machine

Assembly Technology

When we cannot provide a molded version for the specific requirements a customer specifies, we offer assembly options. In order to provide a consistent level of quality in the ROJ/ Stripping of the conductors phase of this, we incorporate an automated machince.

When our work order is generated, our Assembly team simply has to scan the ROJ/Strip configuration on the associated paperwork and our equipment will automatically do the rest.

This high-tech machine will consistently Remove Outer Jacket, Remove Conductor shealthing, and twist copper strands at consistent length.

By removing human error from this process, we greatly reduce the chance that small strands of copper are removed during this process which greatly increases the overall quality of the end product.

Assembly Testing Procedures

All of our products that are made on-site are Hi-Pot, Continuity and Visually inspected before leaving our assembly area. Our assembled cords are all c/UL approved and have the same functionallity of molded cords.

Learn more about our assembly options by clicking the link below!

Assembly Offerings
Testing Machine

UL Listed


As a cULus Listed Manufacturer of Power Supply Cords and Cord Sets, you can be sure you are buying only the highest quality power cable assemblies