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NEMA Power Cables | Non-Locking North American Power Supply Cords

What are NEMA power cords and where are they used?

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published the ANSI/NEMA WD 6 which specifies wiring devices utilized in North America. These power attachment devices have been thoughtfully engineered to prevent fire hazard and optimize usability. All buildings in North America use these configurations for power sources and can only be accessed with a matching NEMA Plug. Our power cables are built to the various NEMA standards and have all applicable approvals for the intended country of use.

Downgrading a NEMA device: plugging a 15 amp NEMA plug into a 20 amp outlet.

When the engineers at NEMA designed their configuration designs, they considered functionality and accessibility of the users. To increase usability of power sources, they designed some power sources in a way that a lesser rated plug can mate with the supply. For example, the NEMA 5-15P can plug into a NEMA 5-20R Outlet. This applies for the NEMA 6 Series as well, since this application has no electrical hazards, it was a thoughtful consideration of the designers of the configurations.

NEMA 1-15P Power Cables | Polarized and Non-Polarized North American Plugs

The NEMA 1-15 Series are 2 prong, ungrounded cords which are commonly found in North America powering lamps, clocks, radios, battery chargers and other double insulated consumer electronics that don't require grounding. Due to advances in grounding safety standards, the NEMA 1-15R (receptacle) was prohibited from new construction in the United States and Canada in 1962 and has since been replaced by the NEMA 5-15R (receptacle) which is backwards compatible with the 1-15P (ungrounded plug). Due to its plug shape, the 1-15P can be plugged in either way, so in some cases polarity must be established when the device distinguishes between the line and neutral conductors. This is done by making the neutral blade 1/16in bigger than the line blade to prevent reverse connection. Japan has similar plug and receptacle which is easily mistaken for its appearance and functionality, however it is tested and approved by either METI or JIS and is not certified for use in North America.

NEMA 5-15P Power Cords | 3 Prong Grounded North American Power Supply Cords

The NEMA 5-15P Plug is used very frequently around North America to supply electrical devices with power. It connects to the NEMA 5-15R and NEMA 5-20R Outlets that are located in every home, office, warehouse and building with 4 wall and a roof in the United States. The power source supplies up to 125 Volts and 15 Amperes of power, and offers a Ground pin or “Earthing Conductor” as a safety measure. Its fair to say that this power cable is a big deal; and we have an extensive selection to back that up. Browse for your next project or power cable replacement.

NEMA 5-20 Power Cables 125 Volt 20 Amp Power Cables | 3 Prong North American Outlet Cables

NEMA 5-20P Power Cables are quickly becoming more widely used in North America. The NEMA 5-20R Outlet is the second most common wall outlet in North America and is starting to become the standard for many homes in the United States. The NEMA 5-15P can also be connected into this outlet, however it will never draw more than 15 Amps of power. Devices that require more power will utilize these 5-20P Plug power cables.

NEMA 6-15 Power Cords | 250 Volt 15 Amp 3 Prong Grounded Power Cables for North America

The USA NEMA 6-15 power cords are used in many industrial settings where a 250V Plug is required to supply adequate power to the equipment. The additional voltage will allow larger machines to operate under the limitations of normal amperage circuits (15A and 20A Circuits) that are more commonly installed in smaller industrial buildings. These power cords use durable SJT jacket material that has been tried and trued for most indoor circumstances and will protect the current carrying conductors that supply the power to your equipment.

6-20 Nema Plug Power Cords | 250 Volt 20 Amp Grounded North America Power Cables

The NEMA 6 20 power cords are designed to power the top end of standard equipment in industrial and house settings, and is the highest power supply cables for our non-locking NEMA Series. These cables access power from 250 Volt 20 Ampere rated outlets, which is a significant amount of power for a non-locking connection. Ensure your cable is not in a high traffic area and will not be accidentally unplugged under-load as this can create an electrical arc which is a fire hazard. Consider our Twist Locking NEMA Cables for your application in areas of high foot traffic.