1FT P-LOCK C14 C13 15A 250V Power Cord - BLUE


1FT P-LOCK C14 C13 15A 250V Power Cord - BLUE





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Product Specifications

Product Weight ~0.2 lbs.
Product Volume ~9.9 in3
Current (Amps)
Voltage (Volts)
Connector (Female)
Plug (Male)

Countries of Application

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CountryRelevant Approval

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RoHS Compliant UL Listed

Typical Applications for IEC 60320 P-Lock C14 to C13 Power Cords

Below, the typical application of connecting a Server Technology PDU (Power Distribution Unit)  to a Server, Router, or Switch. This scenario is extremely common in data center environments and in enterprise networking rooms. 

(1) Server Technology Rack Mount PDU Rack Mounted PDUs are the standard way to distribute power to many devices in a rack. P-Lock C14 Plugs are designed to securely lock into place on the PDU, ensuring the cable does not become disconnected to due vibration or other factors.
(2) P-Lock C14 Plug (Male)The P-Lock C14 features tabs on the outside of plug, allowing it lock into a matching receptacle. 
(3) C13 Connector (Female)The C13 connector will mate with a matching C14 inlet, typically found on servers, routers, switches, and your standard desktop computer. 
(4) Server, Router, Switch, Computer, EquipmentMany small appliances use a C14 inlet to provide power to the PSU (Power Supply Unit). Our C13 connectors will mate with any C14 inlet on your small appliance.

10A vs 15A C14 C13 Power Cords

Our 'H' series C14 C13 power cables are rated at 15 amps and are a heavy duty version of our standard 'F' series 10 amp power cables. The 15 amp C14 C13 is typically used when powering high-end computing devices (computers, routers, switches, servers, etc). Many high-end servers (typically 2U form factor and up) have power supply units that draw more than 1000W per unit. Depending on the operating voltage of the device and your rack setup, this may be greater than the 8 amps max continuous draw allowed for a 10 amp cable. (1000W / 120V = 8.33 amps). In these scenarios, this 'H' series 15 amp product line will be more than enough to power these devices. 

Choosing the correct length

If operating in a data center, or high-density networking closet, it is critical to choose the correct length power cable to increase the efficiency of your installation. Choosing the shortest cable possible for your installation will allow you to reduce line loss (loss of energy due to resistance in the cable) as well as decrease the volume occupied by the cordage. Cubic inches are a hot commodity in high-density racks, by choosing the shortest cable possible you will increase airflow throughout the rack, increasing the efficiency of the PSU's on the server.

Choosing the correct color

Color-coded power cables are typically used to help identify cables in a rack. For example, a red power cable can be used to identify a primary PSU, will a blue power cable can be used to identify a secondary PSU. This can be critical in high availability data centers, where accidentally unplugging the correctly operating primary power supply, instead of the failed secondary power supply, can cost organizations thousands, even millions of dollars. We stock a wide array of Red, Blue, and Black P-Lock power cords and also have yellow and green cords available upon request. 

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