IEC 60320 P-Lock C20 to C15 Power Cords

IEC 60320 C20 C15 P-LOCK Power Cords feature a locking plug (male) that securely locks into place when used with a matching inlet. P-LOCK Power Cords are used with Server Technology PDUs (Power Distribution Unit) to supply power from the PDU to a server, router, switch or other device. The C15 Connector is HIGH-TEMPERATURE connector which mates with either a C-16 or C-14 Inlet. The Locking C15 Plug helps ensure a secure connection between the cable and the pdu, reducing accidental power loss to equipment due to loose connections. We stock a wide array of lengths and colors to meet your specific need. Standard jacket color is black, however, RED and BLUE power cables are used to help identify primary and secondary power sources. Standard jacket is SJT, standard gauge is 14awg. Standard amperage is 15 AMP

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The IEC 60320 C15 is a grounded 3 Wire connector rated up to  250V & 10 Amps Internationally and 125V/250V & 15 Amps in North America. The C15 mates with a C16 inlet as well as a C14 Inlet and is commonly used in IT Installations providing power from a PDU to a server, router, switch or other computing device. The C15 is a HIGH TEMPERATURE connector rated up to 120°C, unlike the 70°C rating of the C13. The C15 is commonly used in in electric kettles and other household appliances that involve higher temperatures than a normal C13 is made to withstand. The C15 connector is commonly used with 18awg SJT(OW), 16awg SJT(OW), and 14awg SJT(OW).

IEC 60320 C20 P-Lock

C20 PLOCK.jpg
  • The C20 P-Lock is a high quality design, that virtually eliminates chances of nuisance unplugging by latching into the C19 Inlet that it plugs into. This can be an essential solution for design teams looking to eliminate these moments of stress when a plug powering IT Equipment becomes unplugged. To unlatch the locked plug, pinch the tabs located on each side. Discuss with your team locations in your data center or server room where there is high traffic, and good candidates for such locking features.

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14awg-3c North American Color Coded Conductors with SJT Outer Jacket

14 3SJT NACC.png

14awg-3c conductors are UL rated to carry 15A @ 250V. North American Color Coding for 3 wire cable designates (1) Black Conductor (1) Green Conductor (1) Neutral Conductor.

Conductor Designations in 125V Circuits

  • Black Conductor - "Hot" or "Leg", the conductor that carries current to the equipment.

  • Green Conductor - Ground conductor
  • White Conductor - "Neutral", the conductor that carries current back to the source.

Conductor Designations in 250V Circuits

  • Black Conductor - "Hot" or "Leg", the conductor that carries current to the equipment.

  • Green Conductor - Ground conductor
  • White Conductor - "Hot" or "Leg", the conductor that carries current to the equipment.

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