BLACK NEMA L5-30P to OPEN 30A 125V (110V) Power Cords. The OPEN end is prepared with a 2-inch ROJ (remove outer jacket) and 0.25-inch strip. Cordage is 10awg-3c SJT(OW). Rating is 30 amps 125 volts. Cords are UL cUL RoHS



General Information:

The NEMA L5-30P is a 3 Wire grounded plug with a hot, neutral and ground pin rated up to 125V and 30A. This plug can be locked into place on the matching receptacle which prevents nuisance disconnection. This plug looks nearly identical to L5-20P but is slightly larger in pin thickness and alignment circumference. Refer to either plug,  receptacle or faceplate to find out your amp requirements.

What does the NEMA L5-30P Plug into?

NEMA L5-30R Connector
NEMA L5-30R OutletThe NEMA L5-30P Plugs into both the L5-30R Connector which is commonly found on extension cords and power drops, and the NEMA L5-30R Wall Outlet which is commonly found in Industrial and Commercial settings.

Open Ended (Whips, Pigtails, ROJ Strip)

Open Ended (Whips, Pigtails, ROJ Strip)

General Information:

The open end of a power supply cord is hard wired to another device, providing power either to our from that device. Unless otherwise noted, our power supply cords come standard with a 2" ROJ (Remove Outer Jacket) and a 1/4" Strip. The ROJ length determines the length of the individual conductors, and the Strip length determines the amount of copper exposed on the end of each conductor. If you require a custom ROJ or Strip length, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Open Ended North American Color Code

Open Ended International Color Code

International Color Code(ICC) vs. North American Color Code(NACC)

For the majority of our customers, the color code used for the cordage is negligible. However, for OEM customers, or customers dealing with government installations or projects that have highly specified cords the color code used will be important to establish. Our standard color code for our Cut/ Remove of Outer Jacket/ Strip Conductor Job is North American Color Code (NACC).

Ground ColorNeutral ColorLine/ Hot Color

International Color Code (ICC)
Green & Yellow

North American Color Code (NACC)GreenWhite

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