IEC 60320 C20 C19 ANGLED Power Cords

Looking for the IEC 60320 C14 to C13 Angled cords instead? Check out our IEC60320 C13 to C14 PDU Style Angled Power Cords page.

Angled power cords are helpful in scenarios where the PDU is mounted vertically on the rack. Have an angled plug in these situations decreases the chance that someone walking by will accidentally hit the plug and remove it from the PDU, also in tight installations a standard connector/plug will not fit. We offer both left angled and right angled applications to best suite your needs. We also offer a variety of standard lengths ranging from 1' to 15'. The standard wire gauge we offer for Angled C20/C19 cords is 12. Standard color is black.

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IEC 60320 C20 PLUG (MALE)

IEC 60320 C20 PLUG (MALE)

General Information:

The IEC 60320 C20 is a grounded 3 Wire Plug rated up to 250V and 20 Amps. It is commonly used with either 14awg or 12awg conductors, depending on the application and the power draw required for the device. The most common configuration for a C20 is in a jumper cable scenario, providing power from a PDU to a blade server chassis, high powered server, large network router, or similar device. The C20 is used in applications where the most common IEC320 plug, the C14 will not provide enough power. This plug is rated for temperatures up to 65*C. For applications where the temperature of the equipment exceeds 65 degree C, we recommend using the high tempature version: The IEC 60320 C22 High Temperature plug, which is rated for temperatures up to 155*C.

What does the IEC 60320 C20 Plug into?

IEC 60320 C19 Connector
IEC 60320 C19 Outlet
The IEC 60320 type C20 Plug is designed to connect to a standard IEC 320 C19 connector or Outlet. The connector is commonly found on power cords, and the outlet is commonly found on Power Distribution units.



General Information:

The IEC 60320 C19 is a grounded 3 Wire connector rated up to 250V and 20 Amps. The C19 can be found on a variety of power cords, including NEMA to 320 Adapter cords, and International Plug types to IEC 320 connectors, but the most common application is the IEC 320 C20 to C19 power cord which is a a standard extension cord used to power high powered IT Equipment. The C19 is typically used in high powered blade server chassis, large network routers, and other IT equipment that draws more power than a standard C13 can accommodate.

What does the IEC 60320 C19 Connect to?

IEC 60320 C20 Plug
IEC 60320 C20 InletThe IEC 60320 type C19 connector is designed to connect to the IEC 320 C20 plug and Inlet. THE C20 Plug is commonly found on power cords used in the data center industry. The C20 Inlet can be found on a variety of high powered IT Equipment ranging from switches to Un-Interrupted Power Supply systems.

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