Purple 10A C13 to C14 LEFT ANGLED

Purple 10A C13 to C14 LEFT ANGLED

The Purple 10A C13 (Connector) to the C14 (Plug) is widely used in data center applications (as well as others) to connect a PDU to a Server. Oftentimes, the colored varieties of the standard C13 C14 are used to differentiate primary and secondary power supply chains, to allow for fast identification when an alert has been generated. Purple cordage is commonly associated with secondary power supply. Contact us if your are looking for a custom configuration or length, as we can provide the length and configuration to fit your specific requirements.

For other cordages, ampere ratings, angles, and colors, please see our main C14 to C13 Power Cords page.

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Specifications of 10A C13 to C14 LEFT ANGLED Power Cords

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