How to reduce cost, standardize installations, and start creating value faster in your Data Center Installations

Created on: Mar 10, 2018

There are hundreds of companies out there that offer data center installation services, however, most of these companies come with a hefty price tag. However, using simple techniques and reducing steps in your supply chain, you can lower the cost of each installation, decrease installation time, and start creating value faster. Read on below to see how World Cord Sets, Inc can help you.

Vendor Management & Supply Chain

One of the most difficult changes in data center installation is logistics. Oftentimes companies are left with two options, manage their supply chain on their own, or pay outrageous markups to have someone else do it for them. At World Cord Sets, Inc we have been working hard to increase our product offerings, optimizing our fulfillment, and create best in industry kitting capabilities. We stock a huge range of power cables, data cables, telecom cables, and more to meet all of your installation needs. Because we make the products we sell ourselves, or, have great relationships with our manufacturers, we're able to give you outstanding prices. We've also developed relationships with some of the biggest data center power management companies such as Server Technology, APC, and Raritan to deliver you everything you need.

Cable Kits

One of the most time-consuming parts of data center installs is sorting through cables and equipment to find each product for each rack. Cable kits solve these problems and make installation a breeze. World Cord Sets, Inc provides a host of cable kitting services to make your installation painless. Based on your specific requirements, we'll create a per cabinet cable kit, labeled to your specifications. An example cable kit could be

  1. 8x 2FT P-Lock Power Cable Blue 
  2. 8x 2FT P-Lock Power Cable Black
  3. 8x 3FT P-Lock Power Cable  Blue 
  4. 8x 3FT P-Lock Power Cable Black 
  5. 8x 4FT P-Lock Power Cable Blue
  6. 8x 4FT P-Lock Power Cable Black 
  7. 8x 5FT P-Lock Power Cable Blue
  8. 8x 5FT P-Lock Power Cable Black
  9. 8x 6FT P-Lock Power Cable Blue
  10. 8x 6FT P-Lock Power Cable Black
  11. 12x 2FT Cat6 Cable Red w/ Slimline Boots
  12. 12x 2FT Cat6 Cable Blue w/ Slimline Boots
  13. 12x 3FT Cat6 Cable Red w/ Slimline Boots
  14. 12x 3FT Cat6 Cable Blue w/ Slimline Boots
  15. 12x 4FT Cat6 Cable Red w/ Slimline Boots
  16. 12x 4FT Cat6 Cable Blue w/ Slimline Boots
  17. 12x 5FT Cat6 Cable Red w/Slimline Boots
  18. 12x 6FT Cat6 Cable Blue w/ Slimline Boots
  19. 2x Cable Management Rings
  20. Custom Length Pre-Terminated Fiber Optics

Kitting not only makes it easier to standardize your installations by using the same kit across multiple locations but makes the install standard as well. All installation technicians will be using the exact same products, kitted in the exact same manner. This means that training installation technicians is simple, and allows them to install at any new site.

All of these items can be custom labeled to meet your labeling needs, such as the length of the cable, part number of the cable, or Rack U & Cabinet number of the cable.

On-Time Delivery

Getting the components for your data center on time is critical to ensuring you are up and running on schedule. Each day of downtime for a large data center can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to your organization. That's why it is critical you partner with a team that has a history of meeting deadlines and getting you your products when you need them. With industry-leading order status tracking on our website, your entire team can stay up to date on the status of your order. 

Product Experts

When choosing what to use in your next installations, it's important you have access to subject matter experts to ensure you get the perfect product. At World Cord Sets, Inc, we have deep knowledge of our power and data products to help guide you on what you need in your data center installation. 

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