Black C14 to C13 10 amps 250 volts (C13 C14 10A 208V) Power Cords according to IEC 60320 (IEC320). SJT(OW) and 18awg-3c. Use color cords for color coding your installation. Use RIGHT LENGTH cords to minimze power loss, maximize savings, and maximize the efficiency of your installation.

For other cordages, ampere ratings, angles, and colors, please see our main C14 to C13 Power Cords page.

Typical Applications for IEC 60320 C13 to C14 Power Cords

Below, the typical application of connecting a Rack Mount PDU (Power Distribution Unit) to a Server, Router, or Switch. This scenario is extremely common in data center environments and in enterprise networking rooms. 

(1) Rack Mount PDU 
Rack Mounted PDUs are the standard way to distribute power to many devices in a rack. WoCo C14 C13 power cables mate perfectly will all brands of PDU including APC, Raritan, Server Technology and more.
(2) C14 Plug (Male)
The C14 plug on this power cable will mate with any C13 Outlet. The standard C14 does not feature a locking mechanism.
(3) C13 Connector (Female)
The C13 connector will mate with a matching C14 inlet, typically found on servers, routers, switches, and your standard desktop computer.
(4) Server, Router, Switch, Computer, Equipment
Many small appliances use a C14 inlet to provide power to the PSU (Power Supply Unit). Our C13 connectors will mate with any C14 inlet on your small appliance.

Replacement For/Similar To


  1. CAB-C13-CBN      Cabinet Jumper Power Cord, 250 VAC 10 A,C13-C14 Connectors
  2. CAB-C13-C14       2M Cabinet Jumper Power Cord, 250 VAC 10 A,C13-C14 Connectors
  3. CAB-C13-C14-AC   Cabinet Jumper Power Cord, 250 VAC 10 A,C13-C14 Connectors


  1. 450-ACHI -  C13 to C14, PDU Style, 12 AMP, 6.5 Feet (2m) Power Cord, North America,Customer Kit
    1. Compatible With the following dell systems
      1. PowerEdge C6320P

        PowerEdge FX2

        PowerEdge M1000e

        PowerEdge R230

        PowerEdge R330

        PowerEdge R430

        PowerEdge R440

        PowerEdge R510

        PowerEdge R515

        PowerEdge R530

        PowerEdge R540

        PowerEdge R610

        PowerEdge R620

        PowerEdge R630

        PowerEdge R640

        PowerEdge R715

        PowerEdge R720

        PowerEdge R730

        PowerEdge R740

        PowerEdge R740XD

        PowerEdge R805

        PowerEdge R810

        PowerEdge R815

        PowerEdge R820

        PowerEdge R900

        PowerEdge R905

        PowerEdge R910

        PowerEdge R930

        PowerEdge R940

        PowerEdge T110

        PowerEdge T130

        PowerEdge T300

        PowerEdge T310

        PowerEdge T320

        PowerEdge T420

        PowerEdge T430

        PowerEdge T440

        PowerEdge T605

        PowerEdge T610

        PowerEdge T630

        PowerEdge T640

        PowerEdge T710

        PowerEdge VRTX

        PowerVault MD1120

        PowerVault MD3000

        PowerVault MD3000i

        PowerVault MD3420

        PowerVault NX3200

HPE - Hewellet Packard Enterprise

  1. A0K02A - HPE Jumper Cord, Black, 2m, 10A, C13-C14 
  2. 142257-002 - HPE Jumper Cord, Black, 2.5m, 10A, C13-C14
  3. 142257-003 - HPE Jumper Cord, Black, 3m, 10A, C13-C14
  4. 142257-005 -  HPE Jumper Cord, Black, 3.6m, 10A, C13-C14
  5. 142257-007 -  HPE Jumper Cord, Black, 1.37m, 10A, C13-C14
  6. 142257-B28 - HPE Jumper Cord, Black, 0.7m, 10A, C13-C14

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