Wire Harness Capabilities

Equipment Wire Harness

OEM Equipment Harness

World Cord Sets can provide wire harnesses for OEM customers in many different sectors. Contact us for more infomration.

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OEM Electronics Harness

Designing a space efficient wiring harness for small enclosure electronics can be a troublesome task. World Cord Sets is the easy solution for this problem your team may be facing.

By using CAD software and our in-house wire harness techniques, our engineering team creates cost effective solutions for even the smallest enclosures. Contact our engineering department today and work with us on your next Electronics Project!

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Electronics Wire Harness
Data Center Power Wire Harness

Data Center Pre-made Power Trunks

Some of our large scale data center clients with modular layouts were having issues with installation efficiency. As a solution to this, World Cord Sets not only provided all of the data centers power cords, but also pre-manufactured the cords into labeled wire harnesses. Our customers realize significant labor cost savings, and use this strategy where ever applicable.

Whether you would like to increase ease of installation on 1 or 100 data center projects, consider contacting our Sales Team to determine if Pre-Made Data Center Power Trunks can decrease your next projects installation time.

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Data Center Pre-made Data Trunks

Premade wire harnesses for the data center can provide huge time and energy savings. By having your fiber and copper premade and labeled, you simply plug each end in to the corresponding outelt, and you're done. World Cord Sets can provide both fiber and ethernet harnesses for your next Data Center Project.

Rather than receiving numerous boxes with assorted cables, your on-site team will be delivered a pre-manufactured trunk that can be easily installed with proper cable tray systems. Each end is labeled to eliminate any confusion and ensure a speedy installation.

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Data Center Ethernet/Fiber Wire Harness