Benifits of Prefabricated Wire Harnesses

Your team may be facing a decision of whether or not to source tasks for your current/ new projects in order to cut costs. There are many factors to weigh when making this decision, here are some reasons why our customers continue to chose World Cord Set's for their prefabricated Wire Harnesses.

In a controlled enviornment, productivity and accuracy are significantly higher. By prefabricating in a workspace designed for the project, the quality of the wire harness will increase with cost savings.

No matter the industry, Project Managers can all relate on one topic: Project Scheduling and Deadlines. Installing Data and Power Cables in wire trays, while optimizing space and correctly managing dozens of cables breaking out in different directions to prevent tangles can be a task that is difficult to gauge the timeline of. The same goes for Manufacturing Electrical Devices with specific wire harnesses. Managing, optimizing, and routing dozens of small wires can create inconsistancies in your products and delay in production. Installing a prefabricated wire harness or data/power trunk is an easily planned task that can free up your worksite or production line.

Why World Cord Sets?

World Cord Sets has been custom designing and fabricating power solutions for the majority of Data Centers in the United States for over a decade and a half. This existing knowledge and experience allows us to create custom tailored solutions for all of our customers, paired with systems and processes that keep our prices low to create a realistic solution for our customers. By partnering with our experienced engineering and assembly teams, you can keep your staffing low and leave the headaches to us.

Rather than occupying your company resources in a fabrication warehouse, manufacturing equipment, and dedicated assembly employees your team can focus on your projects at hand when sourcing these tasks. We have a dedicated assembly staff with an optimized assembly area that focuses on consistancy, efficiency and quality.

All of our assembled products undergo rigorous visual inspections as well as continuity testing to ensure your end product or installation will be safe. We utilize state of the art Remove of Outer Jacket (ROJ) and Strip Machines that are programmed to specific lengths and diameters to reduce user error and reduce the loss of copper strands upon stripping of the conductor jacket.

For large quantity and repeat orders, we also offer China Assembled Wire Harnesses that are assebled overseas for an even larger cost savings. Once our engineering team has ironed out our proccesses to fabricate your wire harness and cleared the design with your Project Managers, we work closely with our partners overseas to provide the most cost effective solution for your projects wire harness components.

World Cord Sets has always strived to remain competitive in an ever changing market. Our return customers continue to return to us for prefabrication because of the quality,consistancy and competitive pricing we provide year after year. Contact our sales team today and get a quote for your next project, and realize the saving your team can acheive by sourcing your Wire Harness Prefabrication with World Cord Sets.

  • OEM Engineered Solutions
  • OEM Engineered Solutions
  • OEM Engineered Solutions

OEM Solutions

Our Engineering team works closely with your team reviewing design drawings to identify break out points, constrictions, etc. They then create a prototype design for your team to review. Once both teams have agreed upon a design, we send the plans to our assembly team with over a decade of power assembly experience.

Between the checks and balances we have incorporated into our assembly procedures, and our experienced assembly team with a keen eye for detail you can rest assured that sourcing through World Cord Sets will be a reliable and economical way to alieviate assembly work from your team.

We offer solutions for both large and small applications.

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  • OEM Engineered Solutions
  • OEM Engineered Solutions
  • OEM Engineered Solutions

Data Center Installation Solutions

World Cord Sets has been a key player in supplying the power cords for some of the biggest data center projects in the US to date. Along the way we have grown acustom to what our customers (Data Center Installation Contractors) are looking for and how to make the installation process as frictionless as possible. Our engineering team will work directly with your team's Project Manager(s) to understand the layout of your power sources and rack layouts. With this knowledge our team can design premade data and power cable trunks for your next installation.

Pre Assembled Power and Data trunks can save days on installation, as well as free up your jobsite allowing other contractors to get their work done rather than taking up prime real estate trying to optimize the wire tray routing the data and power cords. We even offer custom labeling on each cable end to make installation of the cables/ premade trunks straight forward and timely.

For large projects, we offer and recomend custom labeling on our cables. These labels often include length of the cables as well as unique identifiers of the power source and the equipment being connected. This allows for fast installation, and is a best practice for quick troubleshooting in moments on data center down time.

Streamline Sourcing & Installation