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World Cord Sets have nearly 20 years of experience providing custom, reliable and high quality power solutions for many different industries. We are now accepting government bids from major Government Acquisition Platforms like SAM, FBF and GSA. We understand that each contract is unique in its own reguard, and we accept both large and small contract sizes from the Department of Defence (DoD). World Cord Sets conforms with all neccesary procedures and regulations required to do buisness with the government, including the Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Defense Federal Acquisition Reulations Supplement (DFARS). If you do not see a specific cable, cord or harness on this website that you are looking for please contact our sales team and they will provide a quotation and product documentation.

Amphenol Style Power Connector Assembly

Custom Power Cable Assemblies

Military Contracts for Power Cables encompass a wide variety of applications, and each one presents its own unique challenges that it must withstand in the enviornment of application. Our Custom Military Power Cable Asseblies are maticulously thought through, building components to spec of the contract documnetation, but also advising the Department of Defense contractors on recomended sheilding, jacket materials and other cable protection methods depending on the enviornment.

Large Custom Wire Harness Assembly

Custom Wire Harness Assemblies

Looking for a custom wire harness for anything from a vehicle to stationary electronic device? World Cord Sets is capable of manufacturing wire harnesses rigid and durable enough for any enviornment. Wether the application is exposed to chemicals in a stationary location, or dust and abbrasion in a mobile application we have the best quality wire harness solution for your team.

Power and Data Custom Cable Assembly

Unique Data and Power Supply Assemblies

Looking for a custom tailored wire harness that can efficiently route data and power cables together through chassis, chase holes, etc? Don't leave cabling to chance, trust industry proffesionals who have experience solving problems involved with cross talk between data and power cables, and how to effectivelty intermingle the two into an elegant end product that will improve the overall quality of your project.

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Vehicle Wire Harness Assembly

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Power Cables (JLTV)

Looking for a custom Power Cable Assembly for a Military vehicle like the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV)? World Cord Sets can manufacture a variety of Amphenol or similar military grade power cables for automotive applications. Our most common request from the military is for custom Cable Assemblies to be used on vehicles. We have reliable manufacturers of parts, and can adhear to stringent time lines with the highest quality of components and connections.

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