Lighting Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies

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Lighting Wire Harness

Lighting Cable Assemblies

World Cord Set's has almost 20 Years of experience providing custom tailored solutions, with a reputation for quality. We offer manufacturing capabilities for Incandecent, Florescent and LED Lighting projects. We are an industry leader in providing the best custom wire harness solutions through the use of technology, tools and systems to deliver the best product to the customer, at the best price. Our team of engineers and assemblers work together to deliver a product that will exceed your expepctations. If you do not see the connector type below, please reach out to our sales team and they will work with you to provide a quote and lead time for any custom job.

Ballast Disconnect Wire Harness

Ballast Connector/Disconnect Harness

Whether you are a lighting manufacturer or an electrical contractor with a vast number of electrical lights to install, you are aware of the new NEC rule requiring Luminaire Disconnects per the NEC 410. Don't let this inconvienience slow down production or construction, we manufacture Luminaire Disconnects at a fraction of the cost of the competition. We are familiar with such brand names as LIGHT-N-Lok, SlimSeal, and common 2 pin/wire connectors.

Poke In Type Connector Lighting Harness

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Crimp Connector for Lighting Circuits

Crimp Connector Harness

World Cord Set's has experience with Crimping connectors, and has implemented the neccesary technology, systems and tooling to allow us to offer a high standard of quality on all of our Crimped Connectors, while still remaining highly competitive. After every conductor is cut, stripped and crimped it is inspected for quality before being inserted into the plastic housing. Ensuring a secure connection at the time of installation, and reducing headaches for your team.

Plug & Socket Connector

Plug & Socket Connector Harness

Looking for a Plug & Socket Bus Bar Type Connector for connecting to a Low Voltage Power Distributor? We manufacture a variety of custom lengths of Nector, Micro QuadLock, and other Plug & Socket Connectors used in the lighting industry.