Data Center Power and Data Wire Harness Trunks

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World Cord Sets has nearly 20 years of experience in providing affordable, custom tailored solutions for data centers across the world. We has a dedicated Sales, Engineering, and Assembly team that can work with you via phone or email to quickly provide solutions, and get your project up and running. We provide solutions for both data and power. World Cord Sets can not only supply the lowest price for both of these back bone parts of data center connection, but also create plug and play harnesses that are labeled with switch/ power source identifiers and boxed by server room.

Ethernet Data Harness

Ethernet Data Trunk / Harness

Data Transfer in Data Ceters can becoming challenging as the required connections increases, but the available space stays the same. Wether you are building a new system, or building onto an existing system don't bog down your installation technicians with the task of organizing, labeling, routing clusters of ethernet cables in a crowded data center room. World Cord Sets can provide low cost Ethernet Cales, with labeling, harness, and bundeling services at a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to have a crew organize and route onsite.

Data Center Power Supply Harness

Power Trunk / Harness

When powering a data center, many factors must be considered including heat dissapation of the cables in each raceway, industry standards and best practices for rack allignments, and locations for power distribution. After spending countless hours and resources designing the data center enviornment, the last thing you want to hear are "space constraints" in your power or data raceways. Rest easy knowning that an industry expert will provide that same level of expertise and attention to quality when providing the power connections and the routing of power cables to maximize available space in your enviornments raceways.

Fiber Data Center Harness

Fiber Data Trunk / Harness

Over the lifetime of your data center, an unimaginable amount of data will be transimitted through your fiber optic network. Reduce installation costs, and trust an industry veteran with supplying and creating the most effective routing for your fiber network. We offer slim wire harness designs and rugged sheathing for every enviornment. Save time and money by ordering a plug and play fiber optic data harness.

IEC 60309 PDU Whips

IEC 60309 PDU Whips

In the data center space, Power Distribution Units are the source of power for most of our devices. Having a reliable vendor that can produce consitantly high quality PDU whips for a low cost is crucial to any data center installer or maintainer. World Cord Sets has nearly 20 years of providing the highest quality data center solutions for some of the most recognised names in Data.

Custom Cable Labeling for Data Centers

Cable Identifier Labeling

Information and speed is the name of the game when it comes to data centers. Installation of them is no different, which is why we try to offer the best experience for all of our end user customers, allowing them to install our cords and harnesses in the most effective way possible. One of the ways we do this is by offering unique labeling for each cord. These are labels are of your choosing but often include Unique Identifiers of the Floor, Row, and Rack Level of the Power Source or the Equipment being powered.

Cable Boxing for Data Centers

Organizing Shipment Boxes by Installation Rooms & Floors

With nearly 20 years of data center experience, we are always looking for ways to improve customer experience. One of the ways we have done that in recent years when we work directly with end users, is to ship the power cables, or power cable assemblies together based on the installation flow. Due to the stringent policies of dust free enviornments in data centers, often times there is no cardboard allowed inside of the rooms where the cables are to be installed. In order to reduce our customers installation time, and improve user experience, World Cord Sets takes every opportunity to ship your goods to you in a way that will reduce installation time.

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