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A wide variety of Manufacturers approach World Cord Sets to provide solutions to connectivity problems they face in their industries. The functionality of the wire harnesses varies from job to job, but the quality and atention to detail remainds the same across the board. We accept all projects, from low to high volume, simple to complex. We welcome every opportunity to grow our experiences and connections. If you do not see a particular wire harness that you are looking for on this page, please contact our sales team and we would be happy to quote your next wire harness project.

Open Ended Industrial Locking NEMA Power Supply Drop

Locking Power Drop w/ Kellum Bus Drop Grip

Providing Power to a new piece of equipment, or a new location can quickly add up. Rather than increase installation time and labor costs, contact our engineers before your electricians arrive on site, and have all the neccisary power drops prefabricated. This will increase overall quality and consistency while lowering installation time and cost. Contact our engineers today.

Retractable Ceiling Mounted Extension Cord Reel NEMA

Retractable Ceiling Extension Cord

Never be without power again, with our low cost ceiling retractable extension cords. These provide a convienient source of power no matter where you need it, without it becoming a nuisance or getting hopelessly tangled. We offer a variety of lengths and mounting options.

Power Pendant Outlet Drop Box PDU cables

Power Pendant Outlet Boxes

Provide power quickly and easy to different locations of your warehouse. Simply connect to a locking NEMA Receptacle in the raftors, manage the routing of the cable with zip ties, and you now have power where ever you require it. Portable Pendant Outlet Boxes are the equivalent of an industrial extension cord. Get yours today from World Cord Sets, where we take the neccisary messures

IEC 60309 PDU Whips Industrial Grade

IEC 60309 Flexible Conduit Power Assemblies

Looking for a rigid, industrial grade IEC 60309 Power Supply Assembly with individual conductor whips at a variety of lenghts to be terminated at the closest power junction? We design high quality PDU whips which utilize the most durable components the industry has to offer. Rest easy powering your IT equipment, with a trusted vendor and an end product that will last as long as the Data Rack itself.

Message our Engineers for a quote.