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Telco Block Adapter Wire Harness

Telco Block Adapter Harness

We offer a variety of Telco Block Adapter Harnesses with 66, and 300 pair blocks available. Depending on the application, we can provide a variety of 25 pair Telco Connector legs with lengths of your choosing. These assemblies are designed to support voice and high speed data applications, with pre terminated punch blocks and associated labeling to allow for easy installation. Save time and money by choosing World Cord Sets for "plug and play" Telco Block Adapters ready for installation.

Octopus Assembly to 12 Female DB25 Harness

Octopus Assembly to 12 Female DB25

The Octopus Assembly Unit is designed like a connection hub to distribute out to multiple points, from a single 12 Female DB25 Connector. We offer a variety of lengths and variations of this product, contact our sales team and get a quote today!

Telco Extension Cables RJ21

Telco Extension Cables (RJ21)

Looking for a CAT 3 Telco Breakout Cable Assembly with custom lengths for connecting a patch panel or wiring block to a specific location for your telecommunication equipment? We offer custom lengths for this Category 3 (CAT3) Cable with 25 Pair Amp RJ21 Connector to Female Champ Amphenol Connectors.

Telco RJ21 to RJ45 Breakout Cable Assembly

Telco Breakout Cable Assemblies (RJ21 to RJ45)

Looking for a custom length breakout cable to supply ethernet connection to a variety of connection points from a single patch panel connection? We offer a variety of Telco Breakout Cables that convert a Telco RJ21 Connector to a bundle of RJ45 Jacks. We offer custom leg lengths and labeling to ensure a clean and timely installation.

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SCSI Cable Assembly

Small Computer System Interface Cable (SCSI) Assemblies

Small Computer System Interface Cable (SCSI) Assemblies are used by Apple computers, PCS and UNIX systems for connecting devices to the computer. The cables provide faster data transmission rates than standard parallel ports, and can be used like an I/O bus connecting several devices to a single port. Contact our team and get a quote on a custom SCSI Wire Cable Assembly today.

110 to RJ45 Adapter Cable

110 Patch Cords & Adapters

110 Patch Cords are designed for telephone and other low speed applications, with a variety of custom wiring depending on the application. These patch cables come in 1,2, 3 and 4 pair configurations depending on the application.

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