Interior Design Cable Assemblies

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It can be challenging finding the exact power cord you need for a specific application. There are trivial factors like amperage, voltage, length, etc. but there are also situational factors like required circuits, available circuits, available space and more. World Cord Sets have nearly 20 years of providing custom power supply solutions, amassing a wide variety of techniques and products to fit every situational need. Looking for a standard office power cable? We have the largest in stock selection of office cables, check out our Stock Power Cord Page. We accept all projects, from low to high volume, simple to complex. We welcome every opportunity to grow our experiences and connections. If you do not see a particular wire harness that you are looking for on this page, please contact our sales team and we would be happy to quote your next wire harness project.

Custom Hard Wired Extension Splitter Cable Assembly

Custom Hard Wired Cable Assemblies

Looking for a custom cable assembly that you can hard wire into a junction box to provide power to a particular location? We make custom power supply extension cords, including features like splitters, cable sheathing, circuit identifiers, and custom ROJ/ Strip with available with every job.

Residential Wire and Cable Assemblies

Residential Power & Data Harnesses

Have a home office or entertainment system that has become a tangled mess of power and data cables, cluttering your space and becoming an eye sore to guests and family? World Cord Sets not only stocks major power and data cables used in Residential enviornments, but we also offer custom cable harnesses! Contact our team and let them know what power supplies you have available, what lengths you need, and any specifics about what you are looking for and we will do the rest! Trust the highest quality, and best customer service in the industry. A one stop shop for power and data solutions.

Comercial Wire Harness Assemblies

Commercial Space Power & Data Harnesses and Cables

Designing a commerical or space and need a trusted manufacturer that can deliver high quality custom solutions in bulk? World Cord Sets can cater to all audiences, and create solutions that can be scaled to encompass any size project. From Flexible Conduit Power Supply assemblies, to premanufactured Data Drops.

Office Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies

Office Space Power & Data Harnesses

Looking for a way to conceal power and data cables for your office space, or for your entire companies space? Managing cables in an office where space is limited and appearances can directly influence work productivity, is an often overlooked task. World Cord Sets stocks thousands of different lengths and configurations of power and data cables, allowing us to create custom solutions for a fraction of the cost and time.

Production Studi Custom Cable Assemblies

Studio Power & Data Harnesses

Are you working on building, or building a production studio and looking for custom power and data cables? World Cord Sets not only offers the largest selection of power and data cables commonly used to power your equipment, but also provides customized solutions. These can include anything from an a power and data cable harness sheathed together, or a custom cable you can't seem to find anywhere else. Send our dedicated engineers or sales team a message, and realize the power of a dedicated power partner.

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