IEC60309 to NEMA L6-30R Power Cords | Industrial Adapter Cords are designed to adapt an industrial grade power supply to a NEMA twist lock type power supply.

IEC 60309 320P6 IP44 Splashproof Plug

IEC 60309 320P6 IP44 Splashproof Plug

General Information:

IEC 60309 includes “plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes”. The IEC 60309 standard puts an emphasis on safety through a unique arrangement of pins and earth/ground to ensure that only compatible devices are able to mate. The pin and sleeve design of this standard provides some degree of weatherproofing, indicated by its IP (Ingress Protection) marking.  

IP44 is known as the "Splashproof" Rating, which breaks down to sealing against solids no smaller than 1.0mm and spraying water at the connection from any angle. Overall, this standard is common in open-air conditions where high power draw is required and protection from individuals, dust, water and chemicals is desired. The IP code, as defined by standard IEC 60529, classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solids and liquids.

What does the IEC 60309 320P6 IP44 Plug into?

IEC 60309 320C6 IP44 ConnectorThe IEC 60309 320P6 IP44 Splashproof plug is designed to plug into its matching IEC 60309 320C6 IP44 Blue Connector. This can be found on power cords, power drops, and temporary power supply boxes in industrial, commercial and construction settings.



The NEMA L6-30R is a (hot-hot-ground) grounded connector that is rated up to 250V and 30A. This plug will supply either 208V or 240V based upon your electrical service, and will provide no neutral connection. The locking safety feature prevents this plug from disconnecting without intent. This connector is generally found on our L6-30 Extension Cord Series which extends a power source generally off a wall receptacle to a given location for convenience.

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