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IEC60309 to NEMA L6-20R Power Cords | Industrial Adapter Cords

IEC 60309 includes “plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes”. The IEC 60309 standard puts an emphasis on safety through a unique arrangement of pins and earth/ground to ensure that only compatible devices are able to mate. Further, this standard may optionally include a pilot contact that plugs in last when connecting and first when disconnecting to reduce the likelihood or arcing, which may cause damage to the individual or device. The pin and sleeve design of this standard provides some degree of weatherproofing, indicated by its IP (Ingress Protection) marking. Most common are the IP44 and IP66, which provide splash-proof protection and watertight protection, respectively. Overall, this standard is common in open-air conditions where high power draw is required and protection from individuals, dust, water and chemicals is desired. 

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Canada (9)
Mexico (9)
United States (9)
IEC 60309 320P6 (20/16A 250/230VAC) (9)
NEMA L6-20R (9)
3 Feet (1)
4 Feet (1)
5 Feet (1)
6 Feet (1)
7 Feet (1)
8 Feet (1)
10 Feet (1)
12 Feet (1)
15 Feet (1)
Black (9)
Blue (9)
20 Amps (9)
250 volts (9)
cUL (9)
UL (9)
12awg-3c SJT (9)
RoHS (9)

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