Italy - RCD Power Cords - 16A Plug. RCD is a Residual Current Device Plug is a grounded 3-pin Italian CEI23-50 (CEI23-16) with a 16A 250VAC rating. Connector options are the IEC60320 C19 and Italy CEI23-50 (CEI23-16) 10A(S11)/16A(S17) - Type L connector. Also supplied as an open ended power cord.

Italian CEI 23-50 (CEI 23-16) AC Power Cord,Plug,Flexible Cable Socket

Grounded plugs and sockets for Italy are defined by the standard CEI 23-50 which superseded CEI 23-16. This includes two models rated at 10A and 16A that differ in contact diameter and spacing. Both are symmetrical, allowing the line and neutral contacts to be inserted in either direction. This plug is also commonly used in Chile and Uruguay. 

10A Plug
The 10 A plug has pins which are 4 mm in diameter, the centers spaced 19 mm apart. The 10A socket can accept Europlugs. 

16A Plug
The 16A plug has pins which are 5 mm in diameter, the centers spaced 26 mm apart. 

Power Cord

Italy Power Cord products with IMQ certification are manufactured to CEI 23-16 and IEC standards designed for Italian power cord applications,We are producing Italy AC power cords in standard configurations and can make any custom version as well. 100% of our Italy power supply cords are fully molded high quality cords and RoHS and REACH compliant and we are China leading Italy power cord manufacturer and supplier providing cheapest prices of Italy IMQ approved AC power cable products with IEC 60320 C7,C5,C13,C14,C15 and IEC 320 C19 power cord sets.
The Italian earthed plug standard, CEI 23-16/VII, includes two models rated at 10 A and 16 A that differ in contact diameter and spacing. 

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