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Zonit uATS Transfer Switches

Say goodbye to single-corded device vulnerabilities and hello to unprecedented reliability. The remarkable technology of the Z-ATS Micro provides millisecond transfer speeds that will minimize downtime, optimize redundancy, and conserve valuable rack space. This ultimate Automatic Transfer Switch is a game-changer.

The Z-ATS Micro’s compact size, similar to a cell phone, conserves valuable rack space in your data center. It adds redundancy to single-corded devices without adding bulk, allowing you to optimize your rack configurations.

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Enhanced Power Reliability

The Z-ATS Micro ensures uninterrupted power supply to your servers by offering A and B redundant power sources to single-corded devices. This maximizes server power supply and minimizes the risk of cascading failures to keep your data center operations running smoothly.

Rapid Deployment

The Z-ATS Micro can be deployed in less than 30 seconds, making it a swift and efficient solution for critical power needs. This quick setup minimizes downtime during installation and maintenance, saving you valuable time and resources.

Precise Switching

With the ability to switch seamlessly between A and B power sources at any phase angle, including 180 degrees, Z-ATS Micro provides precise control over power distribution. This ensures continuous and uninterrupted operations during power source transitions-even under challenging conditions.

Universal Compatibility

The Z-ATS Micro is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of data center equipment and power distribution units (PDUs). Its universal compatibility ensures you can integrate it into your existing infrastructure without compatibility concerns.



Zonit ATS Input Z-Lock C14 6' Input to C13 locking connector


uATS LV - 2x 5-15 Input (6ft Cords) to 1x C13 Output Plug - 120V (1-3 Phase)


Z-ATS Micro Auto Transfer Switch, Low Voltage, 1 ft. 5-15R Y-Cord Output with 2 ft. 5-15P Input Cords


uATS LV - 2x 5-15 Input (6ft Cords) to 1x C13 Output Plug - 120V (1-3 Phase)


uATS LV - 2x 5-15 Input (2ft Cords) to 1x C13 Output (1ft Cord) - 120V (1-3 Phase)