Unshielded CAT6 Black Ethernet Patch Cable - Bootless

Buy Unshielded CAT6 Black Ethernet Patch Cable - Bootless

CAT or Category 6 Ethernet Cable is rated for 10Gb/s at 55m length and a 220Mhz bandwidth. The CAT 6 design out preforms its predecessor the "CAT 5E" because of improvements in design such as tighter wire pair windings, and often internal plastic cores to separate the pairs and reduce cross talk. This Category of Ethernet cables is recommended for standard use, as it is the most cost effective and will likely not be outdated in the near future.

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Part Number
1 Foot
3 Feet
5 Feet
7 Feet
  • 10 Feet
10 Feet
  • 14 Feet
14 Feet

Specifications of Cat6 Assembled No Boot Cables

Diameter (Inches)
Shield Type
Cable End 2
Cable End 1

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