Unshielded CAT5e Gray Ethernet Patch Cable - Molded Boot/ Snagless

Unshielded CAT5e Gray Ethernet Patch Cable - Molded Boot/ Snagless

Unshielded CAT5e Gray Ethernet Patch Cable - Molded Boot/ Snagless

Unshielded Cat5e Gray(Enhanced Category 5) network cables are an upgraded version of the Cat5 cable that was made to support 1000Mpbs Gigabit ethernet speeds. Cat5e allows you to get 1 Gbps speeds operating at a frequency of up to 100 MHz, due to the reduction of crosstalk and other improvements over the Cat5 standard. Cat5e supports speeds of 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, and 1000BASE-T, allowing it to be backward compatible with older IT equipment. Cat5e features the standard RJ45 connector on both sides of the cable, which is the standard connector used in almost all consumer IT products. The maximum length for Cat5e at 1 Gbps speeds is 100M. Standard stock lengths are 1FT - 100FT. Gray cables blend in well in office spaces to help maintain a clean appearance. Use cable wire ties to wire ties to bundle multiple cables together to keep them organized.

Cat5e cables are typically used to connect

  1. Router to a Switch
  2. Switch to a computer
  3. PoE Switch to an IP Camera
  4. XBox/PS4/Video Game Console to a Switch/Router
  5. Laptop/Computer to an RJ45 wall outlet (such as in an office, hotel, etc.

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More information about Unshielded CAT5e Gray Ethernet Patch Cable - Molded Boot/ Snagless

General Information

Cat5E Patch cords are the primary patch cord used in the market today for connecting low bandwidth devices such as Consumer Grade Routers, Switches, Desktop Computers, Laptops, and Game Consoles like XBox, PlayStation, and Wii. A "patch" cable is simply a short length cable that has pre-terminated ends. Patch cables are used when you have a short distance to connect between two devices and when you don't need a permanent solution such as running cable through a building. Below is an example of a Cat5e UPT (Unshielded Twisted Pair) patch cable connecting a Netgear Nighthawk Router to a Lenovo Desktop Computer. 

1Netgear Nighthawk RouterThe netgear nighthawk router incorporates a small 4 port switch which you can use to connect the router to other devices. Consumer grade switches like the Nighthawk use RJ45 ports which will mate with a Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a cable.
2Cat5e UTP Ethernet Patch CableThis patch cable is used to connect the router to the computer. It features RJ45 plugs on each end which mate with the switch and the laptop ethernet ports.
3Lenovo Desktop ComputerThe Lenovo featured in the diagram can be swapped out for any computer or device which has an ethernet card such as a laptop, gaming console, etc.

FAQ About Cat5E Cables

Will a better ethernet cable make my internet faster?

No, upgrading to Cat6 or Cat6a will not make your internet any faster. Typical internet download speeds range from between 10mbps to 100 mbps while a Cat5e cable is rated for 1Gbps (1000 mbps). This means that the bottleneck is not your ethernet cable, it is your internet speed.

Is using an ethernet cable faster than using WiFi?

Typically yes. Unless you are directly next to your WiFi access point (typically a "router" for consumer networks), using a wired ethernet connection with a Cat5e cable will make you network speed significantly faster. These effects will be especially noticeable if you stream movies from one device to another such as a Macbook to an Apple TV, or a Chromebook to a Chromecast.