250 volts
20 Amps

The NEMA 6-20P is a 3 Wire grounded plug featuring two blades and a ground pin, rated up to 250V AC and 20A. The 6-20P has a horizontal and vertical blade to prevent attachment to lower ampere rated receptacles. However, the 6-20R (receptacle) offers a "T" slot allowing connection of both a 6-20P and a 6-15P. Common applications are commercial ovens and large air condition units. The Up Angled NEMA 6-20P is designed for tight installation spaces where the outlet has limited space. The Up Angle will direct the cord upwards if the ground pin on the wall outlet is orientated above the other two pins.

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The NEMA 6-20P UP ANGLE is available in many different configurations. If you are looking for a particular style of plug/connector body, country of manufacture, cordage type or approvals browse our selection of manufacturing capabilities!