NEMA 5-15R

125 volts
15 Amps

The NEMA 5-15R is a 3 Wire grounded connector with forced polarity rated up to 125VAC and 15A. The connector can pair with either the 1-15P or the NEMA 5-15P. 5-15P is your standard household plug used for to connect small appliances such as TV's, Microwaves, hairdryers, etc to a wall outlet. The NEMA 5-15P is compatible with a Nema 5-20R T-Slot outlet, which is commonly found in new home installations. This is commonly found on our NEMA 5-15 Extension cords, which are commonly used to extend a 125V 15A power source to a location off of a standard 5-15R wall receptacle. This connector is commonly found on NEMA 5-15P Extension cords.

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