Japan JIS8303 3-Pin 5-15P Left Angle

125 volts
15 Amps

The JIS8303 5-15P is a 3 Wire grounded plug featuring two blades (can be equal or unequal widths due to the ground pin forcing polarity) and one ground pin rated up to 125V AC and 15 Amps. The JIS8303 5-15P is your standard household plug used for to connect small appliances such as TV's, Microwaves, hairdryers, etc to a wall outlet. The JIS8303 5-15P is compatible with a JIS8303 5-20R T-Slot outlet, which is commonly found in new home installations. The JIS8303 is identical to the NEMA standard in appearance and ratings, it is simply different standards to adhere to global usage. The Left Angle is designed for applications where the wall outlet is in a tight location that will not allow connection of a straight plug head. The cord will be directed to the left of the wall outlet if the ground pin of the outlet is located above the other two slots.

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