Fulfilment Solutions

For customers that require power solutions that are not standard stock length or plug/connector combination, we can provide solutions by Assembling the Power Cord Set.

Functionally, the assembled cords have no short comings compared to assembled cords.

All assembled cords are assembled on site at our Enfield, CT facility and ship within 24 Hours ARO.

All assembled cords are tested before shipping out, so you can rest easy sourcing your next project with Woco Assembled Cords.

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Interior View

Many customers are curious about the internal construction of our assembled cords. Even our lowest profile connectors are still structurally durable, and contain all of the same components as its molded counterpart.

The Assembled Components contain all of the same pieces as a molded cord.

Strain reliefs prevent tension on the connection points between the pins and the wires, ensuring longevity of the assembled cords.

Our Assembled Components are only made from quality materials that can withstand the test of time.

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Rewireable C13 Connector