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South Africa Power Cords | BS546 TYPE M PLUG

South Africa Power Supply Cords are approved by the local International Testing Agency. This is the S.A. Bureau of Standards which creates standards and approvals for commercial goods to be used in South America.

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Austria (5)
Belgium (5)
Czech Republic (5)
Denmark (5)
Finland (5)
France (5)
Germany (13)
Italy (5)
Norway (5)
Sweden (5)
Switzerland (5)
United Kingdom (5)
India IS694 IA16A3 (BS546) 3Pin 16A (LARGE) Type M (1)
South Africa SANS 164-1 (BS546) 3Pin 16A (LARGE) Type M (11)
BS546 15A (1)
IEC 60320 C5 (2)
IEC 60320 C7 (2)
IEC 60320 C13 (3)
IEC 60320 C19 (2)
IEC 60320 C19 Right Angle (1)
IEC 60320 C19 Left Angle (1)
1.0 meter (1)
6 Feet (5)
2.5 meters (4)
3.0 meters (2)
Black (10)
2.5 Amps (4)
10 Amps (3)
15 Amps (2)
16 Amps (3)
250 volts (12)
BIS (1)
CE (1)
Component Approvals (1)
ENEC (5)
HKSI (1)
KEMA (5)
OVE (3)
SABS (10)
VDE (8)
0.75mm2 -3c HO5VV-F (1)
1.0mm2 -3c H05VV-F (3)
1.5mm2 -3c HO5VV-F (5)
0.75mm2 -3c HO3VV-F (3)
RoHS (11)

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South Africa SANS 164-1 (BS546) 3Pin 16A (LARGE) Type M

South Africa SANS 164-1 (BS546) 3Pin 16A (LARGE) Type M

The South Africa SANS 164-1 (BS546) 3Pin is a 2 pole grounded plug rated up to 250V and 16A. This is the most commonly used plug and socket system currently in use in South America today. This plug is identical to the BS 546 15A plug, however is rated for 16A under South African 

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