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Power Cords

World Cord Sets, Inc is a leading distributor and manufacturer of power cords for many industries, including industrial, commercial, and residential applications. With a massive inventory and our vast network of partners, we are able to deliver high quality power cords with short lead times. Our standard offerings include :

IEC 60320 Power Cords

IEC 60320 power cords are commonly used in data centers to connect a PDU to a device. Standard connectors are C5, C7, C13, C14, C15, C19, C20, C21

IEC 60320 Locking Power Cords

IEC 60320 locking power cords are used in data centers to connect a PDU to a Server or other IT device. Locking cords are used to ensure that accidental disconnects do not occur. We carry A-Lock, P-Lock, Z-Lock, V-Lock, W-Lock, Dual-Lock and more...

NEMA Power Cords (Standard & Twist-Lock)

5-15P, 5-15R, 5-20P. 5-20R, 5-30P, 5-30R, 6-15P, 6-15R, 6-20P, 6-20R, 6-30P, 6-30R, L5-15P, L5-15R, L5-20P, L5-20R, L5-30P, L5-30R, L6-15P, L6-15R, L6-20P, L6-20R, L6-30P, L6-30R, L14-30P, L21-20P

International Power Cords

Argentina IRAM, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, China, Denmark, Europe, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom


Power Supply Cords

We stock a huge range of Power Supply Cords which feature a cord connector (male or female) on one end of the cord, and unterminated wires on the other end. These are sometimes referred to as Hard Wire ROJ cords.

For help finding a product or for product additional product information , call us at (860) 763-2100 or email sales@worldcordsets.com

Your Power Cord Manufacturer | Molded & Assembled Power Cords and Cord Sets

At World Cord Sets, we are able to offer custom power cords and cord sets with a huge variety of plugs and connectors to meet your needs. From 10pcs of a custom assembled power cord set, to 10,000 pieces of a custom molded cord sets, we have the power cord to fit your needs. 

Immediate-Turnaround Custom Assembled Power Cords

World Cord Sets stocks a huge inventory of power plugs and connectors, and, is UL certified to assemble custom power cords under UL 817. We can make custom length and configuration power cords to fit your specifications. Small quantity custom assembled power cords (< 100 pcs) typically ship within 24 hours after receipt of order. Larger orders typically ship within 2-3 days. We can assemble IEC 60320, NEMA, IEC 60309, International and custom power cords. All cords are inspected and tested before being shipped to ensure 100% of products shipped are of the highest quality.

Fast-Turnaround Custom Molded Power Cords

Does your application require a molded power cord body? We can provide custom molded power cords in almost any configuration imaginable with a quick 2-3 week lead time. Typical quantities range for 25pcs to 5000pcs for US Made customer power cords. Larger quantities are typically made by our overseas facility to help reduce price. 

Stock Power Cords and Cables | Same Day Shipping

World Cord Sets stocks a huge inventory of stock power cords in many lengths in order to provide the right length power cord for our customer's applications. All of our power cords carry the appropriate approvals for their country of use, including UL, cUL, SEMKO, DEMKO, FEMKO, VDE, ENEC, BSI, IRAM, and more. 

Most orders will ship same day if ordered before 3:30PM.

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