Auto Reset (Automatic Reset) User Attachable Inline GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters), also known as GFIs, are used in applications such as home appliances and industrial equipment, cleaners, spas, vending machines, ticketing kiosks, change machines, and more. As the name implies, an Automatic Reset GFCI will automatically reset after being tripped once the current flowing back into the device matches the current flowing out of the device (when normal operation of the circuit has resumed). This is useful in applications where the equipment is not in use by a human, and that prolonged downtime to the equipment is potentially hazardous. User Attachable Inline GFCIs allow you to add GFCI protection to an existing cord by cutting the cord (somewhere between the plug and the equipment) and wiring the GFCI onto the cord. Standard amperages are 8AMP, 10AMP, 13AMP and 15AMP. Standard color is black. Do NOT use with power tools(saws, drills, meat cutters, mixers, or similar) because of the automatic reset function. It should be used in applications that involve refrigerators/freezers or similar.

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