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Internal Technology

World Cord Sets has radically improved Internal Systems in recent years, utilizing technology and ensuring data entry for your orders is accurate by creating an internal system driven off of data and checks and balances.

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Accurate Lead Times

Our internal dashboard system has a clear layout of our current stock and its location in our warehouse, along with a detailed breakdown of incoming purchase orders with the associated part number on it. This allows our sales representatives to provide you with a quick and accurate quote; allowing you to forward the information faster to your customer for a better overall experience. If we do not have the product in stock or in incoming purchase orders, our system tracks real time stock counts for select vendors. This feature equips us for maintaining fast response times across the board, no matter the product.

Simplified Order Entry

When your Purchase Order Hits our sales team, our processing system is quick and easy. Allowing them to enter your order accurately and return to providing you more time sensitive and dependable quotes.

Easily Browse through our entire catalog, with multiple view styles to tailor to each customers browsing preferences. Add items to your cart and checkout in a seemless flow.

Our CableBuilder is our most impressive website technology. Allowing you to design custom cords on a aesthetically pleasing interface, while our backend references regulations and limiting factors. This ensures that your custom cord is up to standards and allows our team to get to assembling your product. Standard assembled cords ship within 24 hours ARO.

Track Orders online quickly and easily! Simply login to your account and enter your Purchase Order number in the Track an Order tab.

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