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Raritan SecureLock C20 to C13, 9FT Blue Power Cord

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The SLC20C13-9FTK2-6PKs a 15A 250V, 14AWG SJT C20 to C13 locking power cord commonly referred to as a SecureLock or P-Lock that is used with Raritan, ServerTech, Geist, and other PDUs and power strips in order to lock the plug into the power strip. World Cord Sets stocks this item in a 10A and 15A configuration. Most applications only require 10A, but we carry 15A as well for high power applications. If you require a 13AMP version of this cord set, please give us a call at 860.763.2100 so we can learn about your requirements.

The options below are sold individually, not as packs of six!!

9FT P-LOCK C14 C13 15A 250V Power Cord - BLUE


9FT P-LOCK C14 C13 15A 250V Power Cord - BLUE

This is an exact cross! Rated 15A 14AWG SJT

14awg-3c SJT | 15 Amps | IEC 60320 C14 Locking (P-Lock) | IEC 60320 C13 | 250 volts

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