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We stock various lengths of New Zealand AS/NZS 3112 2 Pin - 2.5A to IEC 60320 C7, New Zealand AS/NZS 3112 3 Pin - 10A to IEC 60320 C13 and New Zealand AS/NZS 3112 3 Pin - 15A to IEC 60320 C19. Standard color is black. Cordage depends on the amperage of the plug. Australia and New Zealand are both under the same power cord standards (AS/NZS 3112)

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Australia AS/NZS 3112 3 Pin

Australia AS/NZS 3112 3 Pin

The Australia AS/NZS 3112 3 Pin is the standard 3 Pin plug for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and many other pacific island countries. This is a grounded plug with many different variations depending on the amperage rating. Due AS/NZS regulations, the "line" and "neutral" pins now must be insulated. The best way to determine what Australia AS/NZS 3112 3 Pin you need is by the ground pin which changes with the amperage rating. 

The 10A plug has similar thickness ground pin compared with line/load. 

The 15A plug has a slightly wider ground pin. 

The 20A plug has a thicker ground/line and load pin. 

The 25A plug has an inverted "L" shaped ground.

The 32A plug has a sideways "U" shaped ground.

The plugs are capable of upwards compadibility but not vice versa. (i.e. the 10A plug will fit in any connector). 

Australia AS/NZS 3112 2 Pin

Australia AS/NZS 3112 2 Pin

The Australia AS/NZS 3112 2 Pin is an ungrounded plug rated for a maximum of 7.5A. This plug is only to be used in applications where other safety standards, such as double insulation, are used. 

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